The Source Code Technology (SCT) Foundation is happy to welcome you to the Facilitator training of The +|- Code School Program. The +|- Code is an in-school and after school program to help students develop their emotional intelligence. Emotions are at the core of relationships, reflections, and life choices to reach success and happiness on all levels. This program is designed for all young learners from age 7 to 17, including those with high potential, learning difficulties, or autistic spectrum disorder. It is a new way to help students develop their discernment, decision-making abilities, and leadership skills. A unique tool to decode fake news, facial expressions, to solve conflicts and make better choices. It is also a fun interactive and instructional game to enjoy with friends, educators and parents!

Throughout the training, you will discover what emotional intelligence is really about, why it is so important and how people using The +|- Code can greatly benefit from their work with this beautiful and profound program. You will also learn the knowledge of emotional intelligence that is the foundation of The +|- Code program as well as how to use it with young people.To learn more about Emotional Intelligence please visit: Emotional Intelligence