Student Enrollment Terms and Requirements

  1. Filled-up Enrollment Form Request.
  2. We strictly follow 15 students per class per teacher. After SEELS teacher acceptance of 15 students, SEELS TA will notify students on the date of the first day of the class.
  3. All classes start and end with evaluation with a Webinar hosted by SEELS Teacher.
  4. All students are required to complete 180 hour of training. 60 hour online video course from +|- Code is a prerequisite before starting the 120 hour Emotional Intelligence English for Speakers of Other Languages or EIESOL.The students are also required to follow The +|- Code school program in itself, which includes 26 videos of approximately 25 minutes and 26 EQ tests.
  5. 80% evaluation mark is needed to complete the +|- Code online studies from SCT Foundation of Switzerland. The course could be repeated until reaching the 80% evaluation mark in order to proceed with EIESOL.
  6. Student submission of video demonstration on given topic for evaluation is required for EIESOL Course. All video demonstrations for evaluation will be uploaded to Observic server in England, the United Kingdom. The student has to ask two to three of her/his classmates to evaluate their video demonstration in Observic platform before the final submission to the teacher. In case of discrepancy of evaluation between peers and teacher, a third-party evaluator will be requested to Observic.
  7. EIESOL Transcript of Records will be issued upon request to back teaching credentials. All credentials are acceptable to students will be kept confidential in decentralized ledgers inside SEELS Blockchain Technology.


Tuition Fee and Other Expenses

  1. 180,000 Yen plus 18,000 Yen Consumption Tax
  2. Registration and Student ID Fee: 9,500 Yen
  3. Graduation Fee: 22,000 Yen including Tax
  4. Installment plan is available at 24,750 Yen for 8 months including tax
  5. 10% discount for one-time payment.
  6. Credit card payment – click here
  7. Bank payment to:
    Japan Postal Bank
    10070 – 11902541
    Shinjuku Branch
    Account スイルールス(カ
    Mizuho Bank

    Toranomon Branch
    046-4136037- 2
    Account name: SEELS (


  • Registration (Student Activation Fee)
  • 1 +|- Code Teacher Manual (352 pages)
  • 1 +|- Code Student Manual (176 pages)
  • 26 videos and 26 EQ Test
  • 60 Hours of online training and materials from +|- Code in Switzerland with certificate as Emotional Intelligence Coach from SCT Foundation of Switzerland.
  • 120 Hours Emotional Intelligence English for Speaker of Other Languages or EIESOL Course accredited by ACCREDITAT UK. (Choice of classroom based or Live Online Classes)
  • EIESOL Teacher Certificate of Completion (A4 paper size)
  • Certificate Card (credit card size plastic) for non-SEELS TESOL


  • EIESOL Teacher License Card for SEELS TESOL graduates.
  • Mandatory participation to EIESOL graduation in Toga Gown (Separate graduation fee calculated on number of graduates to cover)
  • EQ Teaching job position assistance online, for schools and companies.


Terms of Agreement

  1. I will comply with the 80% passing mark of the +|- Code online class and 85% attendance in the EIESOL Course.
  2. I fully agree to upload my video demonstration to Observic platform.
  3. I will fully observe and obey the discretion of SEELS Data Compliance Officer in uploading my video demonstration to Observic evaluation platform.
  4. I will notify my teacher in advance in case I am late or absent from the class or have to leave early for the class early.
  5. If I unavoidably quit the training course, I will fill out the “Notification of Withdrawal Form” and submit it to my teacher.
  6. I will inform my teacher or the SEELS management if I have any problems with the training.
  7. I will fill-up “Leave of Absence” in case of need to give time to personal matters.
  8. I will not record lectures on video or audio during class discussion to make sure that all contents are consistent with the course curriculum and to avoid publicizing training contents.
  9. I allow SEELS Teachers Academy to use personal information, photos and videos to a third party for records and advertisement purposes.
  10. I agree with NO REFUND POLICY of the school. The amount paid is not refundable in case of cancellation and dropping of the course.
  11. For those who have paid in full and were not able to complete the requirements for course completion within 12 months, payments will be forfeited unless written permission was granted for “leave of absence”.

– – Agree – –

E-commerce/ Credit card payments

Monthly installment: 24,500 Y
One time payment: 178,000
Registration Fee and ID: 9,500 Yen
Graduation Fee: 22,000 Yen